Summer Homework!

For all classes, Civics and AP:

Political issues and stories not only have a lot to do with what our class is about, but they impact all of our lives directly or indirectly through our interactions with government officials and laws on a daily basis. To begin our look at these institutions, you will need to complete the following assignment preparation.

You will need to come to class prepared to write about a current political story/ event going on in our country. To prepare for this you need to watch (atleast) 1 episode of Meet the Press, on NBC Sunday mornings 9-10 am. For one topic they discuss, You should take notes focusing on: what the event/topic is, what you learned about it, and what questions you have after viewing that segment.

If you do not have access to a television, you can view recent episodes of Meet the Press at:

You will be able to use the notes you take on the episode you watch on the in class writing assignment.